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How to Use Anki as a Leitner Box Game

If you want to use the SRS software Anki as a Leitner box game, I came up with the steps for you to follow! What’s the Leitner Box Game? Here’s a short video explaining it:   The Leitner Box Game is a paper-and-pen spaced repetition system from the 1970’s that preceded Anki. I first learned about it from its promotion by Gabriel Gynor. I’ve written before about different… Read more »

Learn Chinese with Emoji!

Wow! You can use this on iOS or Mac OS X. The Chinese keyboard comes with automatic shortcuts for all the emoji. So even in your non-Chinese conversations (I hope they’re not the majority! 😠), you can use your Chinese keyboard to type these shortcut words, and it will suggest emoji for you. I typed the emoji for ‘:angry:’ above (😠) by… Read more »

“Level Up” Your Second Language

(To celebrate my long-awaited and oh-so-delicious return to the United States, today’s article centers around a fellow American polyglot.) “TIME TO LEVEL UP!” announces polyglot YouTuber Moses McCormick in his audacious and exciting video series wherein he films himself by hidden camera speaking with strangers in dozens of different languages. Part reaction video (on the strangers’ part) and part proof of concept, this level up series demonstrates his term… Read more »