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“Level Up” Your Second Language

(To celebrate my long-awaited and oh-so-delicious return to the United States, today’s article centers around a fellow American polyglot.) “TIME TO LEVEL UP!” announces polyglot YouTuber Moses McCormick in his audacious and exciting video series wherein he films himself by hidden camera speaking with strangers in dozens of different languages. Part reaction video (on the strangers’ part) and part proof of concept, this level up series demonstrates his term… Read more »

Tim Doner’s Language Method

As “the world’s youngest polyglot,” Tim Doner has gained the attention of many language learners and admirers who want to know how he has achieved what he has. Today I will share Tim Doner’s language-learning method, in a cohesive format, gathering statements from his public appearances. Stick around until the conclusion, where you’ll find out what Tim says is the… Read more »